What is Artie?


Update (End of October 2014): That went pretty much as expected - Semalt threaten pretty much anyone critical of them with reports for spam - and as Artie ended up tweeting at them multiple times a day, they reported and had artie shut down. Never mind the fact Semalt had it entirely in their power to fix their block script and therefore end all these tweets, I suppose. So, we're back again with another bot, this one just hashtagging it instead.

Update (October 2014): I've dug artie out of the trash to do some monitoring of the great Semalt blocking script from Nabble.nl. When I get a hit, I use Zapier* to tweet the details via artie. This way I can do some wide-range monitoring of the situation, and see how badly I and my clients were affected by their dodgy methods.

If you're thinking of using Semalt, I'd recommend against it. See the following for some info:

*The link to Zapier is my personal referral code - if you sign up with it we both get 100 extra tasks per month. If you'd prefer not to do that, simply go to http://zapier.com

Artie went weird on 11th June 2013 and I've not had the time or inclination to see what's going on. The project was interesting but also pretty depressing as a large number of retweets were from crazy racists who felt that artie was the kind of patriot they were proud to associate with: a largely unthinking, unquestioning parrot. Twitter is an interesting and sometimes useful place, so it's definitely above YouTube comments for now, though it seems for now to be as capable of producing revenue. RIPRT.

Artie is a Twitter Bot which interacts with Twitter in different ways, based on randomly selected personas. For example, the Narcissist persona will make Artie search for any mentions of '@ArtieBot' and retweet one of the results that are found, while the NewsHound persona will search for tweets to RT with search terms based on recent news stories from news.google.com.

Artie makes use of the great tmhOAuth library on github.

Artie is currently using the Narcissist persona, selected from 3 available personas.

OHGOD Update: The quote RSS feed we currently use has broken, so you're going to only see newshound interactions until I fix it. This is a pretty simple thing, but given that I'm currently jobhunting I'm spending my free time writing code challenges and the like, while scoping out places to live in faraway locales - I'm kinda stressed. I'll fix it soon with a whole slew of quote feeds, honest.

RSS Feed is back up for now, but I'll be updating with more quotes when I have time (and adding some more personas)

Visit @ArtieBot at http://twitter.com/ArtieBot

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